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Learn about UV Air Purifiers and how they can improve your families health,..

Maintaining your comfort and keeping your homes central heat and air working is important to the health of your family. Keeping in mind the health of your family; always consider that your home’s duct work can collect bacteria, dust, and fungus. This can intensify asthma and allergies, and cause other illnesses as well. Sometimes, the ducts will blow all the dust into the house when it is being used and you’ll have to work harder to clean your house. If you believe the air in your home needs improvement consider installing a UV Air Purifier. An Effective Germicidal UV Air Cleaner will eliminate over 350 different allergy producing air pollutants and contaminants, including smoke, germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and fungi, pollen, house dust and dust mites, odors from smoke, pets, mold, mildew, exhaust fumes, food, body sweat, chemical gases from new carpets, furniture, cleaning products, solvents, furnishings, dry cleaning and construction. Call Jerry and he can explain how to include a UV Cleaner in your existing system.